Australian state blind cricket team is on the top search list after sharing their guide dog’s story. The dog’s name is Jaxx, and now he has been with Brad for three years. Let’s see the story of the Australian Blind cricket team vice-captain and his dog Jaxx.

How do Brad and Jaxx make a winning team?

Dog WA is a non-profitable organization located in Victoria, Australia. Brad Brider, who was in his twenties, contacted Dog WA for a perfect match in 2019. Finally, he matched with Jaxx, the gold Labrador who changed his life forever.

Who is Brad  Brider?

Brad Brider
Brad Brider

Brad Brider is a boy with typical desires and goals like any other living in this world. He also has a busy daily schedule as others despite suffering from Fraser syndrome. His sight loss happened due to nystagmus.

It causes fast and uncontrollable eye movements; because of this and his condition, he only has limited eyelashes to protect his eyes from dust and other harmful substances. So all of this had caused his blindness.

Even though he had this condition, he continued his studies, worked as a pastry chef, and had extracurricular activities like swimming at the weekends.

He’s doing this along with practicing cricket as the vice capital of the National Blind Cricket squad. Balancing all of this is a challenge for anyone of his age. But him being almost entirely blind its challenging than anything else.

Jaxx the golden Labrador adoption story

Brad contacted Dog WA for a guide dog in February  2019. Then he made a match with Jaxx. According to the trainer Jean Eastland, she saw an immediate connection between them. Brad also explained that he enjoyed the training program with Jaxx. Brad used to depend on the blind cane and the help of his family before he paired with Jaxx.

He explained how hard it was to live like that as a young and enthusiastic adult. Because he also needed an independent lifestyle like many others at his age, he loved the support of Jaxx. He also explained how Jaxx changed his day-to-day activities.

According to the trainer, Jean Brad had a realistic approach to what dogs could and could do. Also, he thought about the situation seriously. So training Brad and Jaxx was a perfect motivation because he wanted to be independent.

Jaxx – The gold Labrador guide dog of the Australian blind cricket team from guide dog WA

Also, she explained how guide dogs work.

“Dog gets to remember where it’s going, So the person goes to the same place regularly the dog will remember the route, remember the way. That’s a huge benefit to someone who cants see. Because it takes the stress away. The dog takes that burden away.”

After, she didn’t forget to share the value of training guide dogs, even if it cost around $50,000. Not only that, she encourages dog lovers to donate.

How are Brad and Jaxx’s life going on?

In a recent interview with ‘Cricket Australia,’ Brad shared his experience with Jaxx. Previously Brad had to limit his mobility as he couldn’t see at night.

Also, he was pretty sad as he cant experience unforgettable moments like other people on social media. But we can see how Jaxx has changed his life so far. According to him, Jaxx is supporting not only him but others in the team.

Jaxx has been with Brad for around three years and is doing an excellent job. He said that it a quite an exciting task while getting a guide dog. Also, he said it’s important to match the dog with the owner. Then he shared that he’s happy with Jaxx.

Not only that, he said how easy to travel on board with Jaxx. Because he’s very calm and straightly sleeps on the plane, it was easy to travel around. Jaxx always accompanied Brad and the team to the ground.

Brad explained that it’s quite a fantastic experience to see your dog watching you playing. Not only that, he said that Jaxx would know a lot of cricket in the future as he would take him everywhere with him.

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