Even though you came home after a long tiring day to see your pet companion, it may be hard for you to play with them as you are tired. Running here and there may make you exhausted.

So, what about using laser light. You may have also seen many videos circulating on the internet about pets playing with the red dot of light and chasing it exciting way.

So, It sounds like an excellent exercise for your pet while allowing you to relax. But the question is, playing with a laser is terrible for dogs? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. This fun game can harm your pet dog both psychologically and physically. So let’s see why laser pointers are bad for dogs?

When it comes to playing with laser lights, experts mainly consider the psychological damage of the dog as the exercise stimulates the dog’s prey drive.

Dog’s mentality naturally developed for chasing and hunting as their ancestors were born hunters. Their personality and behavior gradually develop through these activities and achievements after the hunting developed their ego.

But chasing the red dot of light that they can never grab will not give them that kind of satisfactory result. So, according to the animal behavioral experts, this is causing mental frustration inside them, leading them to behavioral issues. Even though some problems are short-term, some were considered long-term and uncured at some point.

The behavioral issues are developing because they can’t physically touch the beam. Also, simply disappearing the beam ( prey drive target) can’t be described by their brain.

So this may lead to the development of Obsessive-compulsive behavior in them. If you ignore the red flags and continue to use laser games, your pet companion may develop extreme OCD soon.

The issue of chasing after a never achieved goal may develop an unhealthy obsession inside their head. Their brain could not have the ability to rationalize thinking, and they couldn’t understand the theory of the laser beam disappearing. So, they started to keep staring at the last place they saw their prey stimulation.

This leads them to a particular obsession with the moving red dot, and you can see them searching for it even if you are not playing with it. Also, this obsession could change to other reflections of lights like shadows, reflects of lights, and even mobile or tablet screens could stimulate them.

If your dog shows this kind of behavioral change, it should undergo behavioral therapy and rehabilitation to recover.

Eye damage of dogs playing with laser pointers

Apart from the huge psychological damage that could happen after a laser’s continuous use, it can also damage their eyesight. We are all instructed not to direct laser light beams into human eyes while using the laser pen. So, that rule should apply to your pet too.

As a laser beam is highly concentrated with light particles, there is a high risk that the beam could damage the dog’s eyes.

Dogs’ eyes have significant differences from human eyes as they contain many “rods” than humans. Rods are the neurological receptors located back in the eye that help absorb light while it’s dark. Due to this, dogs have better night vision than humans.

Dog Eye
Dog Eye

But having more rods had also made them more sensitive to light. So, this highly concentrated laser beam could permanently damage their vision. If you are unlucky enough, this fun game may lead them to blind.

Apart from that, playing with laser increases prey drive, which could harm them physically as they run here and there, only concentrating on the light dot. There is a chance of them hitting on sharp objects while playing and harming themselves and the others around them.

What are the other things instead of laser pointers?

Is chasing a laser terrible for dogs? Now you know the answer is yes. Then what is the next option? It’s simple as replacing the laser light with a physical object that the pet can touch.

It is a mentally stimulating exercise for them to chase birds, butterflies, and natural objects as their mentality are developed years with that behavior. If you have a big backyard, let them freely chase as the feeling of accomplishment develops their ego.

If you don’t have a big yard, you can go for a walk or hike once in a while, as this could help them release the same energy as they play with an untouchable light dot. High energetic dogs will enjoy that more than playing with a laser beam.

But if you are also tired, you can use soft toys, balls, or unique rubber toys like Yo-Yo to play. Teasers and wand toys used to play with cats can also be used as options.

A flirt pole will also help you play with them without running here and there or worrying if a laser pointer is bad for dogs? You can easily find flirt poles are sold at pet toy stores with cat toys. It acts as a fishing rod with a hard stick with a string attached to the end.

You can set up soft toys, feather toys, or alarmed rats specially made for flirt rope. You have to drag the rod here and there while you are resting.No much effort or harm to anyone.

Even if you played with a  laser, don’t forget to treat your dog with something they can touch, like food or a small toy. Even this replacement will reduce the damage.

The fact laser pointers are bad for dogs is not going to change. So try to avoid playing with laser lights as much as you can.

Instead of taking risks worrying are, laser pens are bad for dogs trying out above mention activities. It will give you and your furry friend a risk-free quality time together.

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