dog combing

Why is my dog shedding its coat?

Dog shedding is a natural process, and even it is a bit frustrating for its owners. However, this shedding is important for their skin...
Female dog private area

Why is my female dog bleeding from her private area?

Peoples are tending to adopt female dogs because they assume that they are more affectionate than male dogs. But if you have decided to...
dog sexualy active

How do I know my dog is sexually active?

Sexual maturity in dogs varies according to their breed and size. So it is important to know when your dog is sexually active as...
dog drinking water

Why my dog drinking so much water?

Have you ever worried, "Why is my dog so thirsty all of a sudden?" The reasons for this behavior can be different such as...
dog nails

Do we need to clip the nails of dogs?

Dog nail trimming might not be a pleasant experience for dogs, but you need to clip your dog's nails to keep them healthy. Dogs...
dog bathing

How often should you bathe a dog?

New dog owners are often confused with questions in their heads like "can I bathe my dog every day?" and "when can I start...

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