Sexual maturity in dogs varies according to their breed and size. So it is important to know when your dog is sexually active as it helps you to manage your dog’s behavior and to prevent unwanted breeding.

Dogs show sexual maturity normally between 5 – 9 months of age. But dogs of smaller breeds show the puberty signs earlier, while some giant breeds take more time to reach puberty. Also, male dog puberty signs occur before female dogs.

So, how do you know your dog is sexually active? Observation is the key to find the hidden life of your companion.

Male dog puberty signs

The dogs also experience hormonal changes as humans. With puberty dogs, testosterone secretion increasing and they also show behavioral changes like humans.

  1. Aggression
  2. Hyperactivity
  3. Poor attention
  4. Mounting
  5. Roaming
  6. Territory marking
  7. Spraying
  8. Humping

Many of these signs can occur when the dog is 5-6 months old, and it started with mounting and early ages. All these changes are really important for their mental and physical health.

Female dog puberty signs

Female dogs also undergo huge hormonal changes, and hormonal female dog’s behaviors little bit changes from male dogs. Unlike male dogs, female dogs’ behavior changes only for 2- 3 weeks (21 days).

  1. Sweating more often than usual
  2. Aggression
  3. Stinking body odor
  4. Urinating more often
  5. Swelling /redness of the vulva
  6. Clear discharge from the vulva
  7. Constant licking in the area

Male dogs are showing more interest in your female dog at this point because they are attracted to pheromone put off by your female dog.

These behaviors can occur around 4-14 days, and it’s called as “pro-oestrus” period. But at this point, if your female dog is not going to allow mating and can be quite aggressive towards male dogs.

Signs that male dog want to mate

Even though the dogs hit puberty earlier their first mating can occur after they are fully mature. They can change according to their breed and size, but we can consider their age as around one year when they start mating.

They show all the signs they show during puberty, and territory marking is the most common thing. Also, they show these male dog heat symptoms when they around matured female dog.

You have to notice that they are showing appetite loss and try to roam and escape more often.

Signs that female dog want to mate

Not like male dogs, female dogs has a heat cycle of around two heat cycles per year. Roughly it is six months apart.

  1. Urinating more often
  2. Hiding from male dogs/pay more attention to dogs
  3. Become more affectionate
  4. Bloody or red-colored discharge from the vulva
  5. Swollen Vulva
  6. Change the tail position
  7. Aggression and nervous
  8. Licking in the genital area more often

So knowing how and when their maturity happens will help to cooperate with your dog without worried “how do I know my dog is sexually active?” or “How to calm a sexually excited dog?” as a pet owner.

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