Peoples are tending to adopt female dogs because they assume that they are more affectionate than male dogs. But if you have decided to adopt a female dog, you may have thinking that Does female dogs have periods? 

Or, if you already have a female dog, you may have noted a female dog leaving blood spots thinking why your unsprayed female dog is bleeding from her bottom reasons can be different.

Like humans, they are going through puberty. They are going around two to three heat cycles per year, which is the most common reason for the female dog brown discharge from the vagina. Not only that, some medical conditions like vaginal inflammation, vaginal tumors, and even miscarriages can cause vaginal bleeding. 

But before everything, you have to carefully observe whether the bloody discharge with urine or with their stool. Because understanding the real reason is helping you to find the best treatment for your pet.

So let’s see what can be the real reasons behind the vaginal bleeding of female dogs.

Reasons why the female dog is bleeding from the vagina

If you need to confirm whether it is vaginal bleeding, check your pet’s urine sample as some urinary tract infections can cause blood to pass with urine.

Estrus Cycle

Unspayed female dogs undergo two to three estrus cycles in a year after puberty. This cycle is also known as the heat cycle. It has four stages proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus.

It lasts around two to three weeks and the dog showing different physical, hormonal and psychological changes. So, if you are worrying my female dog is bleeding heavily, your pet may be at the start of her estrus cycle.

You can observe swollen vulva, and your dog is constantly licking in the area. You don’t have to contact a veterinarian as it is a natural process of the reproductive cycle in dogs.

Vaginal Inflammation

Suppose your female dog is showing vaginal discharge even after spayed; maybe that’s because she is suffering from vaginal inflammation.

This inflammation is caused after infection of bacteria or any other foreign body to her vulva. It is also called vaginitis, and this can cause difficulty in urinating.

You can observe your dog is scoot bottom across the floor. Also, you can see constant licking.


Dogs also experience miscarriage after conception. The reasons can be different from dog to dog. This can cause excessive bleeding from the vagina. But bleeding after giving birth is normal.

So you don’t have to worry, my dog is bleeding from her private area after giving birth as it is a normal process. This bleeding can last for several weeks after giving birth.

Vaginal Tumors

There is a huge chance of them developing vaginal tumors when unspayed females are getting old. If you observe a senior dog bleeding, this can be a sign of a vaginal tumor.

These cancerous cells can cause vaginal bleeding; vaginal odor, and even these can cause difficulty when giving birth. If you suspect your dog has a vaginal tumor, contact your veterinarian for more help.

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