No matter how hard we try to keep our dogs inside, it’s annoying that the dog keeps running to the neighbor’s house or away from your yard to roam around. But the problem is, why do dogs run away from their owners?

Reasons can be different from dog to dog and can depend on physical, psychological, and environmental factors. So, it’s better to find the right reason that will help you to prevent your dog from running away.

dog looking at nature's house
Dog looking at nature’s house

According to ASPCA, many dogs that stray around have owners because of their poor ability to keep dogs inside, and they are lost their way back home. So it’s your responsibility to keep your dog inside.

Even if it is normal to hear dog owners continuously worrying about why their dog does keep running away from home as your furry friends used to roam from the genetics of their ancestors, it’s dangerous for them to hurt or get lost because of this habit.

What TO do and what NOT to do if your dog runs away and doesn’t listen

Why do dogs run away from their owners?

There are a few common reasons,

1. Sex drive: Even well-trained dogs can drive to run away with the urge to find a mate. Because they become sexually mature around six months, keeping your dog inside will be tough for you. To find out whether any unsprayed female dog is residing in your neighborhood. If you neuter your dog, it will prevent it from roaming to find a mate.

2. Fear: Seeing or hearing something that makes them fear can lead them to run away. According to research, many dogs had gone missing after hearing a loud noise or facing some traumatic situation at home. Also, it is typical for firecrackers and thunderstorm sounds to stimulate their fear. 

How To Get Over A Fear Of Dogs in 11 Simple Steps

3. Boredom: Despite all the other reasons, dogs can roam here and there just because they get bored. Maybe they had to find something more fun than staying at home, like dogs to play with or children to spend some fun time together. If you leave your dog alone for many hours at home, the loneliness they feel inside may lead them to roam away. Also, this can be the answer to your question of why my dog runs away when I open the door. So try to spend more time with him and provide enough puzzled fun toys to play around. 

4. Separation anxiety: Living alone without the owner is causing most domestic animals stress. Suppose you see signs of separation anxiety like destroying things when you are not around and acting nervous when trying to leave home. In that case, your dog may suffer from separation anxiety, and it’s better to support him to get out of it.

What To Do About Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

You can get more information on dealing with a dog’s separation anxiety from your veterinarian. But it’s good to know that dogs who suffer from separation anxiety will not go far away from their home.

5. Easy dog escape routes: Many dog owners don’t like to chain their dogs or cage their dogs, and they let their pets stay freely inside their yard. Open gates, low fences, and broken gates can be a reason to make them go away. Check your fence for weak or holes and put baby gates and door barriers. Unless you may have to worry using the common phrase of my dog ran away and never came back. Also, using electric fence wire up and below your fence may help you to prevent your dog from escaping

Boys play catch with neighbor’s dog over fence

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