You may have often notice that your furry friend is afraid and nervous while thundering outside. So, this can cause you to consider whether or not to leave the dog alone during the thunderstorm.

Because of this, many areas questioning why dogs are afraid of thunderstorms. But according to the experts in the field, it is hard to give straight forward answer.

But the dog’s noise phobia (canine dog aversion), static electricity, and separation anxiety can identify as the three main reasons that can cause your dog to be afraid of thunderstorms.

However, the reason can depend on your dog’s personality and experience with thunderstorms. Because the combination of different parts of a thunderstorm like barometric pressure, a flash of lightning, rain, and high wind can stimulate fear, reasons can be different from one dog to another.

Also, some dogs can even fear just darker skies or light rain showers.

What is dog storm anxiety?

Strom anxiety is multisensory, and it can co-occur with other noise phobias. Still, it can also affect your dog separately.

If a dog reacts with anxiety to factors related to thunderstorms like wind, rain, lightning, barometric pressure changes, and even the smell of the rain we can consider that dog is suffering from storm anxiety.  

Dog storm anxiety symptoms

If your dog is suffering from storm anxiety, you can notice symptoms like;

  • Constant howling, whining and barking without any reason
  • Nervous reaction with tails down, ears back, and eyes wide
  • Trying to escape or running away
  • Urinating indoor
  • Panting and drooling
  • Trembling and shaking
  • Hiding in enclosed places
  • Lip licking and yawning
  • Pacing
  • Trembling

But as a loving dog owner, you should not keep your dog outside during thunderstorms and avoid daily walks even your dog is afraid or not.

Dog thunderstorm anxiety treatment

You can do several other solutions to calm your dog when it’s storming in the spring.

  • If you know your dog is suffering from thunderstorm anxiety, prepare early for the condition.
  • Identify whether your dog is related to a dog breed afraid of thunder by contacting your veterinarian.
  • Remain calm around your dog because if you acted stressed around, it could prove to your dog that it is a good reason to panic.
  • Create a safe space for him. You can do it by covering his crate with a blanket and by supplying a chewing toy. Apart from that, your bathtub and basement can be better places for your dog to hide.
  • Distract him by turning on your TV or radio playing calming music.
  • Don’t punish him for his nervous behavior.
  • Try to teach your dog to get adapt to the thunderstorm with new behaviors.
  • Prescribe medications if it’s needed
  • Don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian when you need more information.

Can dogs die from thunderstorms?

According to the experts, there aren’t any incidents reported that dogs died because of thunderstorm anxiety.

But there are some cases around the world that some dogs died after lightning strikes. So, it’s better to keep your dog safe when it’s raining.

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