Why does my dog wait to eat his treat until I get home? Is one of most common problem dog owners having when adopting a new pet. But as your pet can’t speak, what can be the reason for this behavior.

According to the experts, the reasons can be separation anxiety, territory-related tension, or your dog may have a history of supervised eating. Also, your pet may be just too busy to eat.

Separation anxiety

Many dogs don’t eat when they are stressed and anxious.

Separation anxiety is the most common anxiety a dog can feel. If your dog is showing symptoms like howling, panting, and acting panicking when you are not around, you can assume your dog misses’ owner won’t eat.

But as separation anxiety can be miss diagnosed, it’s better to contact a veterinarian before getting a conclusion.

Territory-related tension

Even many assume the dog won’t eat when I’m not home because he’s sad, the reason can be different. Some dogs feel uncomfortable when they are not around because they have to protect their territory on their own from threats.

But when the owner is around, they feel relieved because they no more need to protect the home.

History of supervised eating

When some dogs were picky eaters or losses interest in foods due to some gastrointestinal effect, they can develop a supervised eating behavior.

It’s simply they need you to be beside them while they are eating or giving the command to make them eat. Not only that, as dogs’ social animals, they may feel comfortable and happy when their owner is with them.

Why is a dog not eating while on vacation?

It’s a very common experience for people traveling with dogs to see their pet starving days until they reach home. The reason for this can be different from dog to dog but see whether your dog has any dental problem or other diseases lose their appetite.

If it’s not the case, your dog may feel uncomfortable with unfamiliar surroundings. Also, motion sickness while traveling can cause them to refuse food. 

A better option to make them eat is to change their dry dog foods with wet canned foods, or you can share some of your foods with your pet until you reach home.

Why are dogs not eating after vacation?

Also, it is normal for dogs not to eat after vacation. This is also because of the stress they feel when a sudden change of surroundings.

Dog take much time than humans for getting used to a new place. But, if your dog is not eating for more than two days, it’s better to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian.

How long can a dog go without eating?

Dogs can starve themselves too different reasons. But normally, a healthy dog can stay three to five days without food. However, it depends on your dog’s health, age, weight, and breed.

But experts suggest seeking professional help if your dog has spent two days (48 hours) without food.

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