You may have thought of taking your dog for the next vacation. But it would be best if you prepared your pet before vacation.

There are many things to arrange during the vacation before you accompanied your dog for a vacation. Here is a little guide on how to go on vacation with a dog?

  • Schedule a session with your pets’ veterinarian and make sure your pet’s health is in an od condition to travel.
  • Make sure the dog is vaccinated up to date and keep the vaccination certificates with you for documentation. (Many airlines request health certifications ten days before the travel)
  • Find a veterinarian available nearby where you will travel and keep the contact information with you.
  • Decide whether the dog will travel in a crate or use any other method like a dog harness seat belt.
  • Make sure your dog’s leash or collar is steady and provides accurate information about the owner. If you are traveling abroad, make sure to add a second identification tag containing information about the place you are staying.
  • Choose dog-friendly destinations and hotels as some traveling destinations are not allowing pets.
  • Because different airlines have different variations on regulation, make sure your dog’s crate is meeting the airline requested requirements and make a reservation for your dog earlier. (Some airlines have restricted the number of pets allowed on board)
  • Check the temperature on the flight and the destination you’re going to travel to.
  • Flying can be ok for dogs if they can travel in the cabin, but if your dog is too large to fly in the cabin staying in the baggage compartment will not be a pleasant experience for them.

How to travel across the country with a dog?

Considering all the preparations and circumstances during flying, it’s good to choose to travel with a dog in a car.

But also, there are some dog car travel solutions you have to follow to make your dog’s vacation a memorable one for your pet.

  • Traveling with a puppy in a car won’t be easy on him as they feel motion sickness. In contrast, traveling makes his first trip a shorter one and waits until your dog travels in the car before arranging a long journey.
  • Decide how you are going to keep him safe, whether you are going to use a dog harness seat belt or a zipline harness according to how your dog behaves.
  • Choose between a plush carry box and crate and put a back seat barrier.
  • Pack their regular foods and feed them at least three hours before the journey but don’t treat him while driving.
  • Always keep the air conditioner on and keep your car ventilated well.
  • Don’t let your dog keep his head out of the window. (This can cause eye injury)
  • Schedule plenty of stops for potty breaks and to exercise to burn some energy.
  • Don’t let your dog travel back in an open truck, and never leave your dog in a closed vehicle alone.
  • If you are traveling with children’s make sure that they don’t tease or annoy your pet during the journey.

Following these will make your dog’s vacation with you memorable for everyone in the family.

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