Have you ever notice that your dog won’t eat and acting weird or worried that “My dog won’t eat or drink and just lays around.” It is because there are various reasons for their loss of appetite.

Some of them are illnesses, environmental change, and stress, reactions to some drugs or recent vaccines. Apart from that, dental issues, pain, internal obstructions, pickiness, and behavioral issues could be a reason for a dog not eating for a week.

Even you are with your little companion for years or you started your journey with the first pet, it’s important to know the reason for your dog’s appetite loss, and it will help to find the best way to treat the issue.

Reasons why dogs don’t eat food?

Your dog might not eat according to the guidelines shown in the dog food packages as those numbers have been considered as average amounts.

You don’t have to worry if your dog is eating 60% – 70% of the recommended amount according to age and weight.

Different reasons can cause your dog to refuse food. Those include;


It is common for a dog to show a loss of appetite when they sick. Also, if you are thinking about why my dog is not eating and vomiting?

It can be a gastrointestinal issue or this also can be early signs of severe illnesses like cancer, kidney failure, liver, various infections in the body or it’s because of the pain caused by the injury outside the body. Even though you are not sure what is the real cause its better to show the veterinarian

Dental issue

Your pet may refuse to eat if there is any pain in the mouth. That can be broken, loose or infected teeth. Not only that but also gingivitis and oral tumor can also be a reason for appetite loss.

Drugs or recent vaccinations

Vaccination is a necessary process when you are adopting a dog. But also you have to be aware some vaccines can cause temporary loss of appetite. Also, anabolic steroids and dirlotapide can cause dogs to refuse foods as usual.

Environmental factors

Some dogs feel anxious and stressed in unfamiliar surroundings. If you have noticed your dog’s food intake is changed after moved to a new place, they may feel motion sickness and stress with the recent change.

Picky eaters with behavioral problems

Many dogs tend to refuse food when they are fed in uncomfortable situations, or they are just picky. Some dogs who were sometimes stressed also refuse to eat and act aggressively.

But as mentioned above, there are many reasons for appetite loss unless those are picky, so identify the real matter before deciding what is happening.

Even though you are so considerate about your pet’s appetite loss, force-feeding is not a good idea to treat your pet. So it’s better to follow your veterinarian’s advice without thinking about how to force-feed a dog that won’t eat.

What to feed a sick dog that will not eat?

Refusing food can be life-threatening as it can cause dehydration and malnutrition in dogs, for dogs who lose their appetite better to fed liquidized foods.

Stage two baby foods with meat flavors will be great options. Try to make foods using their favorite ingredients. Also, be aware of allergic and harmful elements as they can cause the illness to worse.

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