In present-day society, many people are converting themselves into vegans or vegetarians. For that reason, it can be different from one person to another.

But reasons can be put into three mains philosophical, religious, or environmental. Because of that, some people are questioning that it is ok to put their dogs on the vegan or vegetarian diet? 

Even the answer is yet debatable theoretically. The answer is “yes,” and they can survive on plant-based foods as they are omnivores like humans.

But there are so many obstacles as dog’s digestive system and nutritional requirement is different from if you are trying to use vegan dog foods, you have to consider so many things before starting it.

Do dogs need meat?

Because dogs are omnivores, they can survive on vegan dog foods or vegetarian foods. But their nutrition process system is different from humans.

Because of that, they might be unable to produce some nutrients and minerals without the right source. For example, dogs can’t produce vitamin D using the skin, and vitamin D3, which is essential, comes from animal sources.

Dogs recommended protein intake is less than 25 grams per 1000 calories, and feeding a plant-based diet can lead to inadequate total protein intake. Also, an imbalance of some amino acids likes taurine and L-carnitine can emerge because their main source is animal products.

Also, deficiency in vitamin BD and deficiency in minerals like iron, calcium, and phosphorus can occur in dogs who were in a long-term plant-based diet because those minerals are ideally obtained only from animal products.

These dietary problems can lead your dog to serious medical conditions like reproductive failures, eyesight problems, and growth issues in your pet.

How to feed my pet with vegan dog foods?

Because dog’s ancestors are wild wolfing, they still have some characteristics of their ancestors. So, you may have face problems with their acceptance to being vegetarian or vegan first.

Also, dogs who eat strict vegetarian diets can lead to the nutrient deficiency if they didn’t administrate with proper nutrient supplements. So, it’s better to start with store-bought commercial vegetarian diets.

Before changing your dog’s diet, contact your veterinarians to analyze your pet’s diet and prescribe the required additional nutrients as a diet.

Don’t change your dog’s diet if you are planning to put your dog to breed. If you are feeding commercial diets, use products that meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials’ compliance requirements.

Your pet will also feel less energetic or lethargic when you change its diet, as humans face some issues when a sudden change in the diet.

So, it’s better to keep things slow for your dog by allowing him two to three weeks to adapt to the new change.

Also, some ethical issues are discussed in society as many animal activists are strongly against pets going vegan. Even some consider this as an animal rights violation. Because of that, they are turning pets into vegans is a yet debatable fact.

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