A picture of a dog who hugs a girl with a  “human hug” went viral on the internet.  Everyone was curious to know the story of this cuddly dog. This is the story of how Russ met his mom Kayla.

Kayla Filoon is the owner of this fantastic sweet pet. She met Russ while volunteering in a dogs shelter, and she used to make dogs walk there.

The shelter was a Kill Shelter. It was supporting dogs who are in bad physical condition, grew without care, and needed affection.

She explains how she fell in love with Russ instantly after the first walk with him because of his calm and charming nature.

“He just kinda caught my eye because all the other dogs were barking, and he was sitting there so peacefully. Something just told me to take him out. We were out for about 20 minutes, and I fell his love with him.”

He just kinda caught my eye, because  all other dogs were barking
Photo Credit – https://youtu.be/rHdT5693IL4

After that day, she surprised her mother by saying that she would adopt “Russ”  because she was a student at that time and she was sharing a room with roommates.

However, any of these circumstances wouldn’t stop Kayla from adopting a dog. She decided to adopt him after spending the next whole day with him because he had a kennel cough.

Kayla explains how Russ became the happiest dog soon after he was adopted and how he became the best friend.

Russ happy in home
Photo Credit – https://youtu.be/rHdT5693IL4

She said Russ was used to following her everywhere and starting to be with her every time he can.

She also described how sweet some of his characteristics like having a human-like snore and needing always to be touchy with him.

Not only that, she explains how Russ is waiting at the door until she returns home and watching her way when she is going out and describes how Russ is an energetic, enthusiastic dog when they are walking in the mountains.

According to her, everyone he met fell in love with him immediately because of his fantastic personality.

“You are seriously an angel.”

Considering all of this, Kayla decided to adopt another dog after deciding that Russ would be the best Brother.

Carson and Russ
Carson and Russ.
Photo Credit – https://youtu.be/rHdT5693IL4

So she decided to adopt a dog named Carson from the same dog shelter. Carson was also a neglected dog who was sad and afraid, and he had to undergo surgery on his head.

But soon after Russ met Carson, he acts to comfort him, and soon they became an inseparable duo.

Both of them are living with Kayla happily. Kayla describes adopting Russ and Carson as the best accomplishment in her life.

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