Have you ever worried, “Why is my dog so thirsty all of a sudden?” The reasons for this behavior can be different such as dehydration, diabetes mellitus, Cushing syndrome, Kidney problems are common. 

But conditions like pyometra, diarrhea, vomiting, cancers, liver diseases, heart stroke, and fever can be reasons for excessive thirst.

Not only that, their diet, medications, their activity level, and temperature in the surrounding can induce excessive thirst in dogs.  So, let’s look a close look at your little friend’s excessive thirst.

How much water should a dog drink a day?

According to the experts, dogs should consume 1 ounce (1/8 of a cup) of water per pound (20-70ml/kg) of body weight. But you should not stop your dog from drinking water as many other factors like their activity level, size, and the type of foods they are consumed also affecting the amount of water they needed per day.

So, If you are thinking you’re dog drinking excessive water and urinating in the house, it’s better to know how much water a healthy dog drink in a day.

It is not necessary to measure the amount of water your dog drinking. Make sure they are getting fresh and clean water to the amount they require.

Also, look into signs of dehydration as this can show many earlier signs of another illness. Please contact your veterinarian if you notice any behavior change and you think your pet needs medical support.

Why is your dog always thirsty?

The reasons for your pet’s excessive thirst (polydipsia) can differ from one dog to another, but it’s showing that he is losing water from his body because of one or many reasons.

Medical reasons

There are many common medical reasons like diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, and Cushing’s syndrome. So your dog’s water drinking behavior showing many signs of these illnesses.

So, if you are worrying, “My dog is losing weight and drinking lots of water,“. The reason can be kidney failure.  Not only that, many reasons like UTI, dehydration, diabetes, diarrhea, vomiting, and poisoning can be reasons for Dog drinking lots of water at night.


Dogs taking a wet diet tend to have less amount of water comparing to the dogs fed with dry foods. If your pet is taking more salty foods, this also causes more water intake. But this behavior is physiologically healthy.

Behavioral reasons (Psychogenic polydipsia)

Some puppies tend to drink more water when they get bored, and some breeds will tank up with water, keeping veterinarians confused just because they love water. This is different from primary polydipsia as it is excessive consumption of water.


Some medications like cortical steroid, diuretics, and anti-inflammatory medications can be the reason for your pet’s excessive water intake. Please take advice from a veterinarian before giving any medication to your dog.

Environmental factors

It is normal for your dog to drink lots of water on a very sunny day in summer and drinking less in winter. Also, after a long walk, they may require more water, same as us.

Do dogs drink a lot of water before they die?

As above mentioned there are hundreds of reasons for excessive drinking of water. Suppose you have a bad experience of your dog drink lots of water before passed away.

In that case, it may be because your dog may be suffered from above mentioned medical issues or maybe they drank water to make them comfortable from a pain they felt at the time.

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