Dog drooling is a natural process because it is one of the significant parts of their digestion. According to the experts in the field, they drool a certain amount of saliva all the time.

Also, some dog breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs, Mastiffs, Bloodhounds, and Saint Bernard’s can show excessive salivation than other dogs.

This is called “Typical drooling,” and this cause because of the structure of their head and lips. Typical drooling dogs do not require any medical examination as it’s a normal condition.

But suppose your dog is not a typical drooling breed, and you are worrying about thinking, “my dog is drooling and acting strange.” In that case, you have to consider it as this can indicate some underline medical conditions.

Why is my dog drooling all of a sudden?

It is normal for your dog to drool when they anticipated delicious food. But what are the reasons for the dog’s excessive drooling?

Due to chewing sharp objects and chemical burns due to chemicals like battery acid and electric burns due to chewing electrical cord, some oral injuries can cause irritations in the mouth and cause drooling. Oral tumors, tooth decay, gum inflammations can also be reasons.

Also, dog drooling and licking excessively is an indication of oral injury. This behavior may occur as they try to comfort themselves from the pain by licking whatever they see.

Sore throat due to bacterial infections or blocked throat after some foreign objects stuck in their windpipe can also be the reason.

Upset in their stomach can stimulate nausea and cause drooling. This is why many dogs show travel sickness as motions in-vehicle cause them to drool because of the nausea feeling.

If your pet eats toxic substances like poisonous plant or chemical can cause pain in their stomach both the pain and the toxicities can be a reason to excessive drooling. Bloating is one of the most common and dangerous signs that cause drooling.

Also, drooling can be an early symptom of other conditions like heart stroke, kidney disease, liver disease, rabies, and upper respiratory infections like sinus, nose, and throat infections that can cause drooling.

If you worry that my dog is drooling and lethargic, it can because of a neurological condition like damage to the nerve related to salivary glands. Apart from those, some psychological conditions like stress and anxiety can cause excessive drooling.

How to stop dog drooling?

There are few steps you can follow to stop excessive drooling. Those are as follows,

  • Keep a proper hygiene routine, brush your dog’s teeth often and check your dog’s oral health when visiting the veterinarian.
  • Try home remedies for dog drooling like coconut oil and herbal tree for mouth injuries and ginger tincture pills for motion sickness.
  • Contact professionals to find if there are any other medical conditions they are suffering.
  • Try to use a neck napkin to prevent spell saliva if your dog is typically drooling.
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