New dog owners are often confused with questions in their heads like “can I bathe my dog every day?” and “when can I start to bathe my puppy?” But we can’t generalize the answer as it depends on lots of facts.

When you welcome a new puppy home, you should know what age can you bathe a puppy. According to the expert’s puppies should not bathe until four weeks.

But six to eight weeks are the best time to start bathing your puppy. This is because little puppies are facing troubles with regulating temperature on the skin with sudden changes.

How often should I bathe my dog?

As a new pet owner, it may be hard to determine how often to bathe your little buddy. But the answer depends on factors like their breed, lifestyle, length of the coat, and health.

Not only those but also the environmental factors like what season you are living in caused many effects on the decision. So, it’s better to take a close look at each factor before you decide.

First of all, everything considers about their health; if your dog has skin allergies, how often should I bathe my dog with skin allergies?

As they need a special type of shampoo and medications for their condition. Bating too often can cause damage to their skin by removing natural body oils and damaging hair follicles. This can cause bacterial and fungal infections on their skin.

Also, if your dog has an outdoor lifestyle, he may need to bathe more often than a dog staying inside.

The bathing style changes according to their breed and the type of their coat. Hairless breeds like “Chinese crested” needs weekly bath while long-coated breeds like “Maltese” require a bathe weekly to between every 4-6 weeks.

But breeds like “Puli” don’t require an often bathe as they do not develop the typical bad doggie odor. But breeds in the middle like “Labrador retrievers” require at least a bath once a month, but this can change according to their lifestyle.

How often should I bathe my dog in different seasons? Summer and Winter

Bad weather makes it hard for our little companion. It’s normal for a dog owner to worry about “How often should I bathe my dog in summer? Or thinking the answer about “washing your dog in winter?” as these two seasons are the most complicated not only for dogs but also for humans. Also, if you are going to walk on the beach in the summer good to know “Is seawater good for dog’s skin.”

dog bathing in the sea
Dog swimming in sea

Suppose you are thinking about what bathing schedule your dog needs during summer. In that case, you can feel a certainly added odor with the higher temperature. After considering above mentioned physical factors, you can consider what the best is.

If you are taking your dog to a pet groomer, you don’t have to worry as they know the best for your dog. But according to many experts, if your dog is active and playing outside, it’s good to bathe your dog once a week, and dogs that live more inside are good to bathe twice a month.

Also, If you are walking on the beach, be careful as the saltwater makes your dog’s skin itchy. 

Cold rain and mud are the main problems you are facing during the winter season, so washing your dog in winter, yes or no? If you are not hiring a dog groomer, try to use dry shampoo on elder dogs and consider the cold and the wind condition if you bathe them outside.

But try to wash them inside the house with lukewarm water, and don’t forget to dry them well. And it’s enough to wash your dog once a month if they do not dirty with mud outside.

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