Dogs have an acute sense of hearing. So, no wonder the sound of your hair dryer or their dryer may be scared them and stress in the presence of a hairdryer. As with all other animals, it is a natural defense mechanism for their survival.

Because the noise generated by the hairdryer will make instinct them to an unknown danger. This makes them hide and flee away.

So if you are thinking, why are dogs scared of hairdryers? It’s natural for them to avoid exposing to an uncomfortable new appliance that makes an annoyingly loud noise.

Even bath time isn’t a pleasant experience for some dogs, and you can make them comfortable with using the right tools, patience, and with the advice of the experts. 

Can you use a human hair dryer on dogs?

Before everything, you should find out that can you use a blow dryer on a puppy? Because human hairdryers and dog dryers look similar, there are few differences like less noise and lower heat.

Also, consider the age, breed, and health of the dog. Because the coat of the dog is different from breed to breed, and the skin’s condition changes with their age.

Also, please check whether they have some skin rashes allergies and whether they are pregnant. So “Is dog dryer suitable for pregnancy dogs?” The answer to that is yes. You can blow dry your pregnant friend.

As all other animals there going through a huge hormonal change, adjust the grooming method to comfort them. Before using the dryer rub your dog with a dry towel and avoid pressure on the abdominal area and mammary glands and make the settings to the lowest point with low heat and low pressure.

When it comes to using human hair dryers, you can use a human hair dryer but be careful as it has a high temperature and takes a much longer time than dog dryers.

Always check not to let the dryer be aimed at one point as it can cause hot spots on their skins. Always keep the dryer at least one inch away from the skin.

How to introduce a dog dryer to a dog?

If your dog is afraid of the dryer, it’s better to use expert’s methods to make them used to the dog dryer.

  • First of all, place the dryer unplugged on the floor in a place where the dog feels comfortable. Do not touch it or move it. Let your dog sniff it and explore it. Don’t forget to reward after each sniff as this make a positive image in their mind.
  • Then place the dryer in your hand and wait for the dog to explore it, then to make the dog used to the sound by using the dryer in front of your dog. Let him observe you using the dryer and repeat it several times a day.
  • After your pet gets used to the presence of the dryer, blow smooth and short blows of air on its back. Pay attention to the speed and temperature.
  • Repeat it 3-4 times in different areas of the body and continue with this until they feel comfortable.

If your dog is still afraid of the dryer, please take him to the veterinarian for behavioral observation and learn how to dry a dog without a hairdryer by using a clean, dry towel.

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