It is normal to all of us that our little friend’s dogs dig up the garden. The place where they are digging and the reason behind this behavior can be different from one to another. So, if you need to know how to stop dog digging, you should have some knowledge of why dogs are digging holes.

How do you stop dogs from digging holes?

Why is my dog digging holes and making damage to my yard? How to stop puppy digging garden? These are the most common questions that made many dog owners scratch their heads. Here are the reasons and how to stop them from damaging your yard.

Experts suggest that they may do it to get the owner’s attention or simply for their entertainment. But some other things like protection, comfort, or escape can be reasons for their action. You can understand the reason by observing the place and the pattern they are digging.

If your dog is digging in large shade trees or water sources and near foundations of buildings, the reason can be they are searching for comfort and protection. You can see they often lie on the holes they dig if this is the reason.

They are searching for comfort for themselves from hot weather conditions. Condition differentiation in the dog’s shelter or dogs that don’t have a shelter themselves can show this kind of behavior.

What can you do? 

The best way to prevent them from doing is by taking them inside more often and by making their outdoor shelter resist extreme temperature changes. Make a place he can easily access water.

One of the most common reasons is that they may be to catch burrowing insects in your garden. You can see a digging pattern like focusing on one certain area like roots of trees and shrubs if this is the reason. So if it is, what can you do?

The best way to stop your dog from digging holes if they are digging for hunting is to make your garden unattractive to those insects. But keep in mind not to use toxic methods like using poisons to remove them because it can affect your dog’s health too.

Entertainment and seeking attention are the most prominent reasons among all. They are experiencing this as “roots and soil playback.” So, if your dog is an adolescent or you are left alone in the yard without accompanying a human, they will enjoy their job to be happy.

Apart from that, all of us aware that dogs as attention seekers. Not only is the love punishment also attention. So if you are not giving the attention, they need they may be using their brain to get the affection they need.

What can you do to stop puppy digging garden?

You can walk your dog more often and keep the most interesting dog toys in the yard to make the dog busy. Teach your dog a few new commands and ignore attention-seeking digging behavior. Don’t punish or fill the hole with water, as those methods are not going to work.

Stop dog digging under the fence

One of the main ways dogs are showing that they are trying to escape by digging under the fence. So, If you need to stop it, you simply have to follow few steps to follow.

Burring large rocks along the bottom of the fence and chicken wire at the base will stop them from digging. Also, try to spend more time with your dog, which helps to change behavior.

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