We can’t compare anything to mother’s love. Not only in the human world, but the mother’s unconditional love also stood out in even the animal’s world. Every mother in the world wishes the best for their children no matter what.

A video of a dog rescue story that is showing a mama dog leading the rescuers to the place where her puppies catch millions of people’s hearts around the world. Everyone wanted to know what is happened during the rescue.

The video started showing a black dog going under a hole in a building foundation. At first, the rescue team didn’t understand what was happening there.

The foundation where the puppies were inside
The foundation where the puppies were inside.
Photo Credit – https://youtu.be/Q0t6pOHjrNM?list=PLzVCcZo55Fw6tzPg2CLEE9O3fAZNsWT27

After they called the dog, she came out with another dog, probably the farther dog, and they started to waggle and saying something.

Soon after, the rescue team understood that puppies should be under the building. So they dig in near the foundation until one person squeezes in to see what is there.

After one person peeked into the foundation and noticed few newborn puppies lying cuddling together, the team was pleased to find them “hi, hi, big yawn! big yawn! No reefers? Aw!” the person went under the foundation talked to the little puppies. The person outside took them one by one.

A little puppy
A little puppy
Photo Credit – https://youtu.be/Q0t6pOHjrNM?list=PLzVCcZo55Fw6tzPg2CLEE9O3fAZNsWT27

“All right, chunkers! They are big, they are chunky, oh my goodness! Oh my god, they are so cute!” they were surprised how healthy and nourished the puppies were even they were under a building foundation.

Also, the video shows how the mama dog was there happily watching her babies rescued.” Are these your babies?” one of the rescuers asks the happy mama dog who was watching the scene.

The look in the mama dog’s eyes while she looks at her babies melted almost everyone’s hearts.

Then the rescue team took the mama and her six puppies to the shelter and gave good care. The video showed how thankful the mama dog was about rescuing. Video shows that how comfortably and happily they were staying at the shelter.

All Puppies
Photo Credit – https://youtu.be/Q0t6pOHjrNM?list=PLzVCcZo55Fw6tzPg2CLEE9O3fAZNsWT27

They also talk about how papa’s dog was there with the babies while mama’s dog was outside, not leaving them alone. People worldwide were happy to see them all being happy together, and they hoped the papa dog was also rescued with them.

So, all of them with all the happy family members should get adopted and receive love.

Also, people were surprised by the mama dog’s faith in the rescue team and wished all luck for the rescue team to bring such an amazing story to them and give the dogs the love and care they always needed.

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