Dogs are the same as humans and feel jealous about many things. But they can’t express their feeling by words so use different methods to express their feeling. Also, the reasons can be different from one dog to another.

So, many dog owners are wondering, “Why does my dog get jealous when I hug someone?“, “Do dogs get jealous when you get another dog?

So as a pet owner, it’s important to know how they are showing their jealousy and the reasons behind that behavior. For example, you can observe behaviors like biting or nibbling the person or other dog with aggression, and they may be going to the bathroom in-door.

Not only that, they may pay extra attention to you or crowd your space when they get jealous.  Also, they may try to growl or getting into a fight with other pets and try to scare off strangers to show their jealousy. But their behavior is depending on the reason for the jealousy.

Reasons for jealousy are most of the time related to psychological and environmental changes they are experiencing. For example, a new home/neighborhood, new primary caregiver, new pets/babies in the home, new people living in the home, or change in their daily routine can make them jealous.

Do dogs get Jealous when they smell another dog on you?

The answer to this question is yes, of course, our little friends, the dog, feels jealous when you play or showing some attention to other dogs. Not only when you smell like other dogs, they felt jealous when you get another dog home and showing attention to others. 

Many types of research had proved that many of the dogs feel jealous and often leads them to stressed or even too anxious.

But as a dog owner, you should have aware of how to deal with a jealous dog towards a puppy. It’s because some of their actions can harm not only animals but also humans.

Dogs are jealousy of the child is one of the common things you can experience.

Dog jealous of the child?

Dogs are fighting for foods, toys, and even for the living space. But their owner’s attention is also important to them as other basic needs.

According to the experts, they tend to fight for their attention, so while you are showing your affection to your baby, your dog can consider your baby as a competitor.

As a dog owner, prepare your pet for a new sibling a long time before the baby arrives home. If you are going to change the pets living space along with furniture’s do it before few months as that is going to make the dog used to the new environment.

Also, give your dog to sniff on your babies things that will be a help to identify the new member in the family.

How do I get my dog to stop being jealous?

If you are dealing with a jealous little companion, you may have thinking about how to stop a dog from being jealous?. If you want to control their jealousy, first of all, reward and praise them for their good behaviors and avoid giving much attention to one pet versus another.

Also, avoid showing affection to other pets in front of your pet. Instead, feed them separately and bring two of the same toys if you have two pets at home.

Also, don’t forget to keep a diary on their behavior, and it will help your dog’s doctor to find out whether your dog needs behavioral therapy.

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