According to many types of research, it is found that almost 50 percent of dog owners share the bed with their pet dog. Also, the trend of sleeping with the dog is highlighting in the media.

Even allowing the dog in your bed is still a debatable topic in the pet-loving community, people and dogs sharing the sleep space for centuries in some cultures.

But many are concerning about the danger of sleeping with dogs and Sleeping with your dog bonding.

Pros and cons of a dog sleeping in your bed

Co-sleeping with your cute companion is yet debatable, but it’s good to have an idea about the pros and cons of sharing your bed with your pet dog.

But whether or not to share a bed with your furry companion depends on the circumstances at your home and your dog’s behavior. You can consider making the right choice after understanding the pros and cons.

Pros of sharing a bed with your dog

1. It provides comfort for both the dog and the owner

The gentle snoring sound and the heartbeat of your dog can lower your heart rate. Also, the dog will feel more comfortable near you as you are the only companion they are having in their life.

2. Make you feel warm during cold weather

Snuggling with your pet dog can make you feel super cozy as they are warmer than us. They are beating all the warming pillows and hot water bottles. So sleeping with your dog will be nice during cold weather.

3. Act as a natural anti-depressant

According to many types of research petting, your dogs and sleep next to them boost the oxytocin secretion in your body, and this is a good hormone that can calm your body, and that’s why this hormone is called the “love hormone.”

4. Feel safe

People who live alone are more likely to get less sleep because they have trouble feeling secure at night. But knowing your pet is going to alert you in any danger will give you a better sleep.

Also, sleeping next to each other will make the dog used to their new owners, and Sleeping with your dog bonding your relationship in a better way.

Cons of sharing a bed with your dog

1. It can affect the quality of your sleep

Our sleep cycle is different from them as humans are monophasic sleepers and dogs are polyphasic sleepers, and they are more sensitive to sounds than humans.

This makes them lighter sleepers than their owners. So these may make your sleep disrupted, and you may have restless nights and tough grumpy mornings.

2. Dogs are aggravated allergies or asthma

Even you are not allergic to your pet, reconsider your partner’s allergies, as some people are allergic to dogs. Not only is that because you are not aware of what they have contacted throughout the day, there a chance of them bringing some other allergens to your bed.

This can cause severe allergic effects as even you are not allergic to dogs, you can be allergic to what they are bringing home with them.

3. Chance of transmitting diseases

They are bringing more mud and dirt to your bed rather than you sleeping alone. Rarely there is a risk of transmitting diseases from both humans to dogs and dogs to humans. As parasites bacteria exchange through direct contact.

4. Can affect the behavior of your dog

Reconsider letting your dogs sleep in your bed if they are having conditions like dominance aggression and territorial aggression. As dogs with dominance, aggression reinforces the idea of he’s dominant to you.

Dog sleeping in bed separation anxiety will be very effective for both the owner and the dog as dogs feel an excessive attachment to the owner when they share the same sleeping space.

5. May negatively affect your love life

You may have to share your bed with your pet for a long time when you are single, but it’s important that you and your partner agree about having your dog in the bedroom. Unless this can affect your relationship negatively.

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