Almost all the dog owners are amused by the excited tail-wagging welcome of their furry friends. So, most of us are thinking that tail wagging is a sign of showing happiness.

But many types of research had proven that tail wagging is not only conveying their happiness and are using it as a communicative tool to express their emotions. The position of the tail, motion, and speed reveals the emotions separately.

Experts said that emotions like preparedness, excitement, negotiation, insecurity, aggression, friendliness, submission, and curiosity by a wagging tail. So, dog owners should have an idea why are dogs wagging tails?

Why do dogs wag their tails?

Before everything, the owner should understand the dog’s tail’s natural position, and it is different from breed to breed. So, according to their position, what they are trying to say will be different. You may have noticed that you’re dog wagging tail while lying down and wonder why do dogs wag their tails while sleeping?

According to the experts if a dog wags their tail while lay down indicates that they are happy. The dog wagging tail in a circle meaning is also happiness. But the motion speed of their tail shows different meanings.

dog sleeping
Dog wagging tail while sleeping

If a dog wags their tail faster, it shows its excitement, and faster the wagging means they are more excited. A dog wags their tail freely with their hips at the same time when they want to show you their friendliness.

But if you have noticed that they are wagging their tail slightly when they are meeting a new person or another dog, it shows that they are insecure.

If they waggle their tail fast while holding vertically, you have to be careful as this shows that they had an active threat, and there is a chance of even beating them. So, if you wonder do dogs wag their tails when they attack, you can understand this way of their showing aggression.

Not only the speed but the position of the tail indicating something they want to communicate. As a dog owner, you may have been thinking that what does it means when a dog wags its tail side to side? According to experts, he may be showing that he is alert while wagging the tail energetically from side to side. But the direction of their waging can indicate their mood.

If dogs wag their tail more on the right side will indicate positive emotions like happiness, friendliness, and excitement, while wagging on the left side indicate negative emotions like stress alert and anxiousness.

Why do dogs wag their tail when they are dying?

Even though it’s hard to accept, we all have to understand that our little friends will leave us one day. The reason can be different from age to illnesses, but we have to believe that they have a shorter life span than us.

If you have experience with a pet who passed away, you may have noticed that they are showing some behaviors and signs that they are going to die.

Making themselves alone from all is common behavior. They wag their tail to show the stress, pain, and anxiety they are feeling.

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