aggressive dog

How to calm an aggressive dog?

Dog aggression is the most common issue faced by dog owners. Many of them are thinking about how to socialize an aggressive dog? And,...
Dog at full moon day night

Is It True That Dogs See Better at Night?

Thousands of years before we are busy with this online life in the 21st century, humans had an inseparable partnership with animals. Among them,...
dog licking mas face

Why do dogs lick people?

As a dog owner, it's normal to get a kiss after a long day of work which makes us happy, forgetting all the problems...
dogs with a girl

How do dogs impact your mental health?

Researches had recognized there is a huge therapeutic value of companionship with dogs. Dog's love is unconditional, and it stimulates neural and hormonal signals...
dog eating grass

Why does your dog eat grass?

If you have a pet dog I'm pretty sure you should have probably seen a dog eating grass. So, do you wonder why your...
dog howling

What does a dog howling mean?

Howling is a very common behavior among dogs. But many people are curious about do all dogs howl? Why does my dog howl when...
hide dog

Why is my dog afraid of thunderstorms?

You may have often notice that your furry friend is afraid and nervous while thundering outside. So, this can cause you to consider whether...
dog sleep with girl

Should You Allow Your Dogs to Sleep in Your Bed?

According to many types of research, it is found that almost 50 percent of dog owners share the bed with their pet dog. Also,...
dog digging in garden

How do you stop dogs from digging?

It is normal to all of us that our little friend's dogs dig up the garden. The place where they are digging and the...
dog looking with jealous

Do Dogs Get Jealous?

Dogs are the same as humans and feel jealous about many things. But they can't express their feeling by words so use different methods...

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